Monday, 25 January 2010

Planning for 7th February

On our next First Sunday we now hope to share a vision of heaven, which is no small task to set ourselves. We hope that many of those who come will help us build up a collage along the north wall of the church illustrating what Revelation 6 tells us about what heaven will look like. As usual, there will be refreshments as people arrive for 10.30, then the opportunity to join a rehearsal for an 'instant' choir for some, making things and the big collage for others, all then brought together in a short informal act of worship finishing at 11.30.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Planning for February and March

At 10.00 on Saturday 23rd January in St Michael’s, a group of us will be planning the First Sunday Thing for Sunday 7th February and Sunday 7th March (but not for Sunday 4th April which is Easter Day when we will have our normal services in both churches rather than having a First Sunday Thing). Others are welcome to join us then (or to send us feedback or suggestions before then).