Sunday, 5 October 2014

What does God want?

We crowd sourced the ten commandments this morning.  How many could people remember between them?  What sorts of things ought to be in the list?

The three most widely remembered commandments are do not kill, steal or commit adultery.  So we prayed for those bereaved by recent highly publicised murders, victim support and families which have been broken up.

We thought that 'you shall not covet' might be one of the least remembered, but actually it came half way up the list - and was expressed as 'do not be greedy' by some.

It was 'you shall not have graven images or idols' which hardly anyone remembered to be one of God's commandments.  We thought briefly about the way things like cars, celebrities and  money might actually make this an important commandment for today.

And the extra things?  Jesus' teaching to love our neighbours as ourselves was widely remembered.  'Respect the world and all that is in it', 'make peace' and 'seek and offer forgiveness' were among other suggestions.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Ten Commandments

A journalist once pulled off a sting by phoning several Bishops and asking whether they could list the ten commandments.  Most couldn't off the top of their head so he was able to write the spiteful piece he had planned.  They are part of one of the set readings for Sunday.  We will have a go at seeing how many we know between us and be introduced to those which easily slip our minds.