Sunday, 24 June 2012

What next?

Our Curate returns from Gambia this week. She has been there with a group of students from the Grimsby Institute (to which we loan her as its Chaplain). So the First Sunday Thing on 1st July which she is leading may well include some feedback from her trip. Or she may be planning to pick up the way Churches Together in North East Lincolnshire is encouraging local churches to designate 1st-8th July as a Week Against Human Trafficking - one of the UN’s ambassadors on the subject is in Grimsby on 3rd July (at 7.30 at St Pius) and an ecumenical youth event highlighting the issue will be on 7th July (at 7.30 at Grimsby Minster). Either way, our focus is likely to be on the needs of others across the world rather than on ourselves.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilee Sunday

Many of the links in these chains have something written inside - something from which the writer would want the world free if there was a biblical year of Jubilee when the world could be put back to its 'factory settings' and not only alienated property, debts and enslavement written off and brought back to freedom.  It was quite fun hauling them up to the church ceiling as well.