Sunday, 1 February 2015


We are bringing this Blog to an end.

The First Sunday Thing had been good for a number of people –  four of the  people there this morning do not usually attend any other service and one of them spoke to us afterwards about how useful he found it.

But it hasn’t caught the imagination of others – readership of this Blog is low and our hope has not been fulfilled that a trickle of those who had come once at the time of a child’s Baptism would return and build up a larger regular congregation.

We shall have the service as usual next month (March).

We shall not have it the following month (April) when the first Sunday falls on Easter Day – it will be our big Easter Festival Communion at both churches that day.

Then, beginning the month after that (May) we shall begin to have an informal ‘First Sunday Communion’ in both churches for a few months and see how that goes.


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