Sunday, 19 April 2009

Good Shepherd Sunday

We failed to put up our weekly message over Easter but we did make plans for the 3rd May at St Nicolas’ when we’ll be savouring lots of different aspects of Psalm 23 (‘The Lord’s my shepherd’) which may well be the best known passage in the Bible; it is the Sunday when the church reads about Christ as the Good Shepherd.

Our pattern established in January seems to be working well for all ages, and is intended to allow people to take part in things or not as they wish. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

There will be a quiet half hour prayerful Communion service at 9.30 for those who want to come to this instead of or as well as the First Sunday Thing. After this people will be setting up, giving others lifts and so on.

The First Sunday Thing will then begin at 10.30 with refreshments and the opportunity to get involved in activities going on in the different corners of the church for those who wish to do so. Among them will be art group, a drama group, a music group and a teaching group each of which already has ideas about how to explore the images of the Psalm.

After half and hour the different activities will be brought together for a short act of worship.

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