Tuesday, 9 June 2009

All as one

The worship on Sunday seemed to have a beauty about it. There was one group weaving together huge pieces of cloth like Maypole dancers. There was one leader taking us through gestures to represent our prayers like sign language. There were handbell ringers chiming in order with one another to produce a tune none of them could have made on their own. We celebrated God as the love between Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We celebrated Christian people who had come separately but who worshipped as one.

A group will be meeting together on Saturday morning (10.00 at St Michael’s) to plan for 5th July and 2nd August if anyone else wants to join us or send comments, feedback or ideas. With a larger number of toddlers than usual this time, some of us wondered whether we could plan an activity in which those gathering on the creche carpet could take part while the other adults and children choose the different activities in which to participate in the first half hour of the service before we all come together for the worship in the second half.

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